46 Proven Anti-Aging Supplements

anti-aging supplements

Aging is inevitable, but here are 46 proven anti-aging supplements that will slow the aging process down. 

The scientific community has for a long time now been focused on how to help with anti-aging. And one of the results of this effort is the production of anti-aging supplements. These have been created out of many of the substances found in nature that science has found to have anti-aging properties.

These supplements are exactly what they suggest. They are supplemental to a good diet, such as the Mediterranean diet. The Mediterranean diet is rich in antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids. And these are exactly what an aging body needs. 

Supplements should also be part of a well-thought-out effort to reverse aging naturally.

Supplements are not magic pills

So supplements are not a substitute for a good diet, and they should not be taken as an excuse to eat junk food.

And then you should exercise and stay active and engaged. This too is essential for the anti-aging process. And here, too, taking supplements is no excuse for being a couch potato.

So, exercise, diet, and taking care of one’s mental health are the main defenses against aging. But supplements can play an important role in supporting one’s overall anti-aging effort.

Recommended supplements

From our own research, we have compiled a list of supplements that are supportive of anti-aging, either specifically or generally. We are certainly not suggesting that you take all of these supplements. 

But this is a jumping-off point from which you can do your own research and make supplement selections that suit you. There are 46 of them. 

So, just for convenience and without making judgments, we have arranged them in alphabetical order. And each one contains a link for further information.

1: Acetyl-L-carnitine

Acetyl-L-carnitineAcetyl -L-carnitine improves the ability of cells to create energy, which is important in anti-aging. And a study in rats found that this supplement improved brain function.

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2: Apigenin

apigeninApigenin is an antioxidant found in many plants. It is in parsley, onions, celery, tea, and chamomile among others. It has been studied in animals but not so much in humans. Nonetheless, preliminary studies indicate that it is potentially beneficial for its anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties.

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3: Astragalus

astragulusAstragalus is a traditional Chinese medicinal herbal tonic. It is associated with the elongation of telomeres and cell rejuvenation. It relieves stress and is being studied for its potential in anti-aging.

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4: Biotics

Biotics, which include prebiotics, probiotics, and post-biotics are supplements that are important to maintaining gut health. And gut health is pretty much foundational to our overall health. And the more we age, the more important this becomes.



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5: Calcium

calciumCalcium is important for bone health and in helping prevent osteoporosis, which is associated with the aging process. This is an important supplement for older people, who lose efficiency in absorbing calcium from their diets.

But this is an addition to not a substitute for eating plenty of leafy greens and dairy products. These are the prime dietary sources of calcium.

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6: Chaga

chagaThe Chaga mushroom grows in cold northern climates and has been used for centuries. Chaga stimulates the immune system, boosts overall health, and in recent studies has been found to kill cancer.

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7: Chlorella

chlorellaChlorella is an alga that is dense in nutrients. And as a supplement, it shows great promise in the area of immune system protection and lowering cholesterol.

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8: Collagen

collagenCollagen is an important component in the connective tissues of our bodies. These include tendons and ligaments.

Collagen is also an integral part of the structure of the skin. But as we age, the amount of collagen our bodies produce decreases. And this decrease is associated with decreased elasticity in the skin and the appearance of wrinkles.

Wrinkles and dry skin are a sign of aging. So, to the extent a collagen supplement can prevent dry skin, slow down the appearance of wrinkles, and also support our ligaments and tendons, then it qualifies as an anti-aging dietary supplement.

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9: CoQ10

CoQ10Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is an antioxidant that is produced by the body and helps with the production of energy and protection against cellular damage.

Antioxidants reduce what is known as oxidative stress. This is associated with the production of free radicals that attack our cells and accelerate the aging process.

But as we age, our production of CoQ10 slows down. So a CoQ10 supplement is an important component of our anti-aging supplement arsenal.

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10: Cordyceps

CordycepsCordyceps is a mushroom. It is traditionally used in Chinese medicine to help against fatigue and to boost sex drive. It is also an anti-inflammatory.

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11: Crocin (Saffron)

saffronCrocin is found in saffron, which is a popular but expensive spice used in Spanish and Indian cooking.

Studies are showing that crocin is beneficial as an anti-inflammatory. It also has effects that counter anxiety, cancer, and diabetes.

There is also research showing that crocin has potential as an anti-aging compound and in combating age-related mental decline.

But since saffron is so expensive, the most cost-effective way to take saffron is as a supplement.

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12: Curcumin

curcuminCurcumin is the principal active component of turmeric, which is a traditional Indian spice. It is found in curry powder and is a natural anti-inflammatory.  It appears to protect against cellular damage and is associated with slowing mental decline in the elderly. 

And, because of its anti-inflammatory properties, it is helpful for people who suffer from arthritis. And, of course, arthritis is associated with the aging process.

Curcumin-turmeric has been found to improve concentration and memory and boost the immune and nervous systems.

You can take curcumin naturally with turmeric or as a supplement.

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13: Fisetin

FisetinFisetin is a senotherapeutic flavonoid. This is a fancy way of saying that it is helpful in combating old age by killing senescent cells.

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14: Fish oil

Fish oilFish oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and supports the cardiovascular, immune, vision, joint, and metabolic systems. Fish oil also boosts memory.

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15: Garlic

GarlicGarlic has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It has been used for its healthful benefit in many civilizations for centuries. These benefits are derived from the effects of sulfur compounds released when a garlic clove is crushed, chopped, or chewed.

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16: Glucosamine & chondroitin

GlucosamineGlucosamine is primarily a joint supplement, and it works with chondroitin to slow the degradation of cartilage as we age. It also provides arthritis relief. 

There is also a study that shows that glucosamine will aid in the healing of wounds, improvement of skin hydration, and the decrease of wrinkles. So this makes it an all-around beneficial anti-aging supplement. 

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17: Green Tea

Green TeaGreen tea contains olyphenol EGCG or epigallocatechin gallate. This is a plant compound that is found primarily in green tea. It is also found in other teas, some fruits, and some nuts, but in much smaller quantities.

Green tea is associated with reductions in the risk of all kinds of moralities, including heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. There are also animal studies suggesting that it can protect against wrinkles and skin aging.

So drink green tea or take EGCG in a green tea extract supplement form. 

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18: Heliocare

heliocareWhile no substitute for sunscreen, Heliocare helps the skin protect itself from UV light from the inside out. It is an anti-aging supplement when it comes to protection against sun damage. 

Heliocare is formulated from the polypodium leucotomos fern from Central and South America.

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19: Hemp oil

Hemp oilHemp is related to cannabis but contains virtually no THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which is what gets people “high.” Hemp oil is very helpful in the relief of stress, anxiety, and sleep deprivation. These conditions all hasten the aging process.

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20: Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acidHyaluronic acid is found naturally in the human body. And as a supplement, it is mostly associated with skincare. So this makes it important for anti-aging. Other benefits include, potentially, help with arthritis pain.

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21: L-Arginine

L-ArginineL-Arginine supports our natural production of nitric oxide. This, in turn, supports our blood vessels and circulation. While not specifically an anti-aging supplement, it can be useful to us at any age.

This supplement should be used with caution if you have allergies or asthma. Talk to your doctor about this supplement.

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22: Lion’s Mane

Lion’s ManeIn China, Japan, Korea, and India, the lion’s mane mushroom is used both medically and in regular food. It is a nootropic and proven to enhance brain health and cognitive performance.

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23: Magnesium

MagnesiumMagnesium is an important mineral in the functioning of our bodies. It supports our bones, muscle, and nerve function, and helps keep blood pressure normal and the heart rhythm steady.

A magnesium supplement is not specifically for anti-aging but will support us as we age anyway.

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24: Multivitamins

 MultivitaminsMultivitamins are not specifically designed for anti-aging but, by their nature, they contain many potential anti-aging benefits. Not least of these is that multivitamins are a one-stop-shop that helps ensure that you have most of the vitamins and minerals you need daily.

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25: N-acetylcysteine

 N-acetylcysteineCommonly referred to as NAC, N-acetylcysteine is a powerful antioxidant that is known to protect cell membranes. When taken as a supplement, there is evidence that it positively affects the metabolism and supports liver function.

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26: NAD+ 

NAD+ NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is a substance that is found in all our cells and is associated with many important processes, including our metabolism.

NAD+ levels decrease as we age, and NAD+ supplements may well help stave off age-related decline. However, it must be said that, so far, there have been no studies conclusively supporting this. 

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27: Omega-3

Omega-3We get omega-3 from eating fish, chia seeds, flax seeds, and walnuts. Omega-3 reduces the shortening of the telomeres in our cells. These affect how our cells age. And shortened telomeres are associated with age-related disease.

So, omega-3, taken as a supplement, is useful in our anti-aging program.

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28: Organic superfoods

Organic superfoodsSuperfoods’ can help reduce the risk of many diseases associated with aging. So how about packing their essence into a supplement?

Here is a superfood powder that is packed with vitamins and nutrients. And it is in a form that is easy to add to any meal preparation. It will boost metabolism, the immune system, and energy.

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29: Oxaloacetate

OxaloacetateOxaloacetate, which is actually oxaloacetate acid, occurs naturally in the body and is not really a vitamin or nutrient. Its function is to protect brain neurons from environmental damage and help ensure the proper function of the mitochondria.

So oxaloacetate supplementation has been found to assist in brain function and healthy aging.

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30: Polyphenols

PolyphenolsPolyphenols are antioxidants that are found naturally in brightly colored foods like blueberries and red cabbage. They protect the brain from stress and the damage caused by free radicals. 

In this way, they support brain function, learning, and memory. And so, from the point of view of anti-aging, they make a great addition to your supplement stack. 

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31: PQQ

PQQPQQ (Pyrroloquinoline quinone) is a micronutrient antioxidant. It is an anti-inflammatory that protects your cells from free radicals. And it supports brain and heart function. 

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32: Reishi

ReishiReishi is a mushroom. It is a staple of Chinese medicine in the promotion of wellness and longevity. It is known as the “mushroom of immortality.” It makes a great anti-aging supplement and is said to reduce blood pressure. Reishi boosts the immune system and has cancer-fighting properties.

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33: Resveratrol

ResveratrolResveratrol is a phenol found in berries, peanuts, grapes, and (famously) in red wine. It has been called the “longevity molecule.” 

It is said to promote longevity and help prevent diseases such as Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and heart disease. All of these are associated with aging

Resveratrol has also been shown to improve the appearance of older skin. People taking a resveratrol supplement have found that their skin improved, with shallower wrinkles and decreased age spots.

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34: Rhodiola

RhodiolaThe Rhodiola root is also known as arctic root or rose root. The Rhodiola root has been used in herbal medicine in Northern Europe for centuries. 

Rhodiola is an anti-inflammatory with potent anti-aging benefits.

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35: Sea Buckthorn

Sea buckthornSea buckthorn is relatively new to the US but has been used for centuries in the Far East and Russia. It is replete with antioxidants and omega-7 fatty acids and helps with cellular rejuvenation.

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36: Shitake

ShitakeThe shitake mushroom is native to East Asia. It is used both medicinally and in the kitchen. It is known to help with circulation and blood pressure, lowering cholesterol, and heart health generally.

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37: Spirulina

SpirulinaSpirulina is a blue-green alga that grows in both fresh and saltwater. It was once consumed by the ancient Aztecs. It is high in antioxidants and amino acids. It is considered a worthy anti-aging supplement in the support of the immune system. It can also help with blood pressure.

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38: Theanine

TheanineL-theanine is an amino acid found in certain teas. It may help protect against mental decline.

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39: Vitamin A

Vitamin AVitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin that is present in many foods. It is important for the maintenance of normal vision and the immune system. It also helps with the maintenance of healthy skin and is approved by the FBA as an anti-wrinkle agent. 

You are probably getting sufficient vitamin A in your diet already and do not need a dietary supplement for it. But, if in doubt, consult your doctor. 

But the topical application of vitamin A to the skin is a different matter. It can stimulate collagen and soften wrinkles. In fact, it is actually approved by the FDA as an anti-wrinkle agent.

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40: Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12Vitamin B12 is found naturally in animal-based foods. It helps make blood cells and DNA. So, if you are a vegan, you definitely need a vitamin B12 supplement. And, even if you are a meat-eater, it’s a good idea to take a B12 supplement anyway

Vitamin B12 helps boost energy levels.

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41: Vitamin C

Vitamin CVitamin C, or ascorbic acid, is a potent antioxidant known for its ability to fend off colds and flu. It is also reported to have cancer-fighting properties.

Concerning anti-aging specifically, it is also thought to improve the appearance and texture of the skin, because it stimulates the production of collagen. 

So, aside from its other benefits, vitamin C can help reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

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42: Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3Vitamin D is important for bone support. And it can boost mood and energy levels.

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43: Vitamin E

Vitamin EVitamin E has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Both are important for the regeneration of skin following natural skin slough-off, or turnover, as skin cells die. 

In this way, vitamin E is important as an anti-aging tool when it comes to protection against the damaging effects of wrinkle-forming UV radiation when we are outside.

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44: Vitamin K

Vitamin KVitamin K is a nutrient that is found mainly in leafy green vegetables. It is essential for bone health and helps prevent the skin from thinning. It also minimizes the appearance of veins and bruises. 

There is also research that indicates that vitamin K may help with the prevention of Alzheimer’s.

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45: Whey protein

Whey proteinWhey protein isn’t just for athletes and bodybuilders. It supports your liver and your mitochondria. And it boosts the immune system and brain function.

Obviously, whey protein is not exclusively for anti-aging but it is definitely something you should consider with anti-aging in mind.

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46: Zinc

ZincZinc is a trace mineral known to boost immune system function and help with wound healing. From the point of view of anti-aging, it is also thought to protect the skin from UV damage.

And, of course, zinc is available as a supplement.

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Things to do or consider with anti-aging supplements


Look for USP and GMP on the label. This indicates that the product complies with US Pharmacopeia and Good Manufacturing Practices. These designations are evidence that the vitamin meets official standards of purity and quality.

Ask your pharmacist

Your pharmacist may actually be more knowledgeable than your doctor when it comes to a deep knowledge of supplements. Ask him or her about possible adverse effects of supplements, especially if taken in conjunction with prescription medications.

Ask your doctor

You should review all the supplements you are taking or propose taking with your doctor.

Energy supplements

Be especially careful with supplements that claim to boost energy. Many of these contain stimulants like caffeine. They can make you feel edgy and can cause blood pressure and other problems.

Scientific validation

Many of these supplements have not been “scientifically validated.”  This means that the lab work has not caught up with their use. But this does not mean that they don’t work. There is plenty of anecdotal evidence, much of it rooted in a long tradition, that they do. 

The point we are making here is that you should not be deterred from using these supplements but you should do so critically. And we might add that these things don’t find their way to market before the manufacturers’ product liability attorneys have given the OK.

Conclusion on anti-aging supplements

In conclusion, we emphasize that, while these anti-aging supplements may be beneficial to you, they are not a substitute for a nutritious diet and taking plenty of exercise.

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