About Us

Let us introduce ourselves. We are Tony and Barbara Brunner.  

Tony trained as a lawyer but is now a recently retired California real estate broker, general contractor, builder, and cabinet company owner. 

Barbara is a former banker and art gallery owner. We have both travelled extensively and, in fact, met in Hong Kong.

But we are now retired and our interests have changed. With advancing age but still enjoying life to the fullest, we have a new focus. This is to enhance our own living experience on both a physical and mental level by researching and seeking to benefit from all things related to natural health and healing. And, of course, this includes getting a good night’s sleep.

We have come to find that what this means is to foster the natural wholeness of body, mind and spirit through a variety of means. These include diet, exercise, natural remedies, yoga, relaxation, mindfulness, and meditation. And we want to bring the fruits of our research to as wide an audience as possible, so that anyone coming to this site may benefit from what we have found.

We hope you find something helpful for you at SleepAndMeditation.com.

Thank you for visiting.