Bathroom Remodel Components

bathroom remodel components

In this post, we summarize and link to separate posts on those home improvement products that are applicable to the bathroom, as distinct from kitchens and the whole home.

Bathroom remodeling components form their own separate category. They are those fixtures and fittings that are almost entirely associated with initial bathroom construction and then with bathroom renovation and bathroom remodeling,  We have addressed them in this category and can summarize them here.

Bathroom sinks

We discuss the main types of bathroom sinks suited to a remodel project. These are under-mount bathroom sinks, drop-in bathroom sinks,  vessel bathroom sinks, integrated bathroom sinks, wall-mounted bathroom sinks, and pedestal bathroom sinks. We talk about the best application for aging-in-place accessibility

Bathroom faucets

We detail the types of bathroom faucets that work best in a remodeling or renovation project. We approach this from the point of view of universal design and aging in place. So we only recommend the lever-type and hands-free or touchless, faucet for both bathtubs and sinks.

Bathroom vanities

We describe the types of vanity best suited to the master bathroom, guest bathroom, and powder room. Again, from the point of view of universal design and accessibility, we like the floating or cantilevered vanity.

Air tubs & jet tubs

We explain the difference between an air tub and a jet tub. We focus on its application for aging in place and the walk-in version. We touch on the possibility of their tax deductibility as a medical expense and that they might be covered by certain Medicare Advantage programs.

Soaking tubs and walk-in tubs

We approach soaking tubs from an accessibility and aging-in-place point of view. We touch on low step-over tubs, tub to shower conversion kits.


We recommend the comfort height toilet for all purposes from the point of view of universal design. They can be floor-mounted or wall-hung. We discuss the benefits of the squatting stool for the best elimination.


We cover standalone bidets but recommend the integrated “smart toilet” or the bidet toilet seat add-on. We link to a full discussion of the health benefits of bidets.

Grab bars

Grab bars are an essential part of an aging-in-place remodel. However, we recommend their use as part of our universal design remodeling philosophy. They are an appropriate safety feature for every bathroom. We describe the various types of grab bars and their installation.


Again, we approach showers in a remodeling or renovation project from the point of view of universal design and aging in place. So our emphasis is on the curbless shower. We touch on wet rooms. We recommend seats and shelves as part of shower installations.


We discuss the various types of showerheads available and explain that in our opinion the dual showerhead provides the best overall shower experience. Our opinion is driven by universal design principles but obviously, personal preference has a great deal to do with a decision on showerheads.


We discuss the benefits of sauna and steam shower therapy. We go over the differences between infrared and regular steam saunas. The occasion of a remodel or renovation project may be a perfect time to add this healthful item to your bathroom.

Steam showers

Steam showers are a great alternative to the steam-type sauna, especially if there is no room for a separate sauna. We discuss the standalone steam shower and the steam generator that can be used to convert an existing shower to a steam shower.

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