Bathroom Remodeling Guide

bathroom remodeling guide

This bathroom remodeling guide is a post linking to a collection of bathroom remodeling guides.

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Bathroom remodel checklist 

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by house renovation. And bathrooms are only part of it.

In this post, we cover the “put it on paper” mindset and the necessity of staying organized with a remodel project binder. This will save your sanity.

We cover the bathroom in the context of the “whole house.” Within that context, we go over how to understand the layout of a bathroom and the 6 major bathroom space and function elements. In this way, we help you generate bathroom ideas that will work for your remodel.

And then we work through an 89-point bathroom checklist for a full bathroom remodel.

Bathroom remodel layout

In this post, we go over the recommended bathroom remodel layout standards and examine what is possible and what is affordable. In this exercise, we help you find the bathroom layout appropriate for your situation.

We learn how to design a bathroom. We discover how to incorporate the various bathroom components in space planning, and apply 25 design hints derived from recognized design principles.

Finally, following a constant refrain on this site, we emphasize the importance of staying organized with a remodel project planning binder.

Bidets in a bathroom remodel project

In this post we go over the benefits of the bidet and why they should be included in a remodel project. We touch on the history of the bidet, its modern development, and how they are included in a remodel project.

We emphasize the importance of bidets in health and hygiene and their special benefits for women and also for seniors in aging in place remodeling scenarios.

Sauna in a bathroom remodel project

A remodeling project can provide a perfect opportunity to incorporate a sauna. So in this post, we discuss saunas within the context of a bathroom remodel.

We go over the many health benefits of the sauna and its aromatherapy and salt therapy enhancements. We talk about saunas and safety and saunas and seniors.

We also discuss the alternative of incorporating a steam shower for the same kinds of benefits

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