Bathroom Vanity in a Remodel

Bathroom Vanity in a Remodel

Below are a variety of scenarios and other things to consider before selecting a bathroom vanity in a remodel project. And be sure to check out the related posts at the end of this short piece.

Your selection of bathroom vanity is dictated first by the bathroom we are talking about.

Master bathroom vanity

The master bathroom is typically occupied by a couple, frequently at the same time. So a functional vanity needs to accommodate two sinks and plenty of storage.

Pro tip: drawers are much better than cabinets for storage because it is easier to keep everything organized.

Guest bathroom vanity

In the guest bathroom, storage is less of an issue because the needs of guests are pretty basic but twin sinks are certainly desirable.

Powder room vanity

Ordinarily, the guest bathroom will only be able to accommodate a small single-sink vanity. Pro tip: choose one with a cabinet to keep cleaning supplies handy.

Bathroom Vanities for Aging in Place and Universal Design

Our approach and advice on this site are heavily oriented toward Universal Design and aging-in-place applications.

Floating Vanity

A floating or cantilevered vanity is highly recommended with aging in place and  Universal Design in mind. This makes the sink accessible for someone in a wheelchair or who is seated. Knee clearance should be 27” high and width 30” minimum.

An added benefit of the floating vanity is that, since the space under the floating vanity is open and the finished floor extends to the wall, cleaning is much easier and there is less opportunity for dust and grime to gather. The open space can be used for small, movable storage bins or baskets that can be pushed out of the way for cleaning.

Two Level Vanity

If there is space, consider a double two-level vanity. One side would be lower for wheelchair or seated use. The other would be at standard height.

An alternative to the floating vanity is a floor-mounted desk-type vanity with wheelchair-accessible knee space, a center-mounted sink, and a bank of drawers and/or adjustable shelves on one or both sides. If there is room, a second standard-height vanity could be installed alongside.

Pedestal Sink

Another alternative would be to forego the vanity altogether in favor of a wall-mounted or pedestal sink and accommodate the storage function of the vanity in a separate cabinet.

Bathroom vanities on Amazon

Bathroom Vanity Description Dimensions

24” Mirrored Reflection Antique Silver Asger Powder Room Bathroom Vanity – BC-5026SL
24 x 20.5 x 35″

Not Stated

Luca Kitchen & Bath LC72CWW Geneva 72″ Double Vanity Set in White with Carrara Marble Top and Sink
22 x 72 x 35.8

Stufurhome GM-6412-60GY-CR 60″ Malibu Grey Double Sink Bathroom Vanity, Gray
60 x 22 x 36

Virtu USA ED-25072-WMSQ-GR-NM Talisa 72″ Double Bathroom Vanity in Grey with Marble Top and Square Sink, 72 inches, Cool Gray
21.5 x 70.9 x 35.2

eclife 60” Bathroom Vanity Sink Combo White W/Side Cabinet Vanity Clear Round Tempered Glass Vessel Sink & 1.5 GPM Water Save Chrome Faucet & Solid Brass Pop Up Drain,W/Mirror (A16 2B02W)
See listing for individual component dimensions

Other recommendations

  • Place touchless, lever, or pedal-operated sink valves as close to the front of the vanity as possible.
  • Make sure there is an anti-scald device at the water heater.

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