Binaural Beats

binaural beats

On our sister YouTube channel, we host meditative, sleep-inducing, and subliminal affirmation videos that use video, music, binaural beats, voice, and isochronic tones to deliver their effects. However, note that we do not use isochronic beats in our subliminal affirmations.

The sound mix

We combine or mix meditative music, sounds of nature or white noise, binaural beats, and an isochronic tone at an appropriate frequency. This is a great formula for inducing sleep or a meditative state. 

The music has its own soothing effect and it also disguises the occasionally annoying and distracting tones of the binaural beats. It keeps them in the background so that they are not a distraction to the mental state that is being engendered.

This same formulation (excluding the isochronic tone) is also an excellent background for inducing a mental state that is receptive to the delivery of subliminal affirmations. The affirmations themselves are placed behind and below the music and the binaural beats. So they are not consciously audible. 

The visuals

The visuals in these videos display soothing scenes from Nature. These also help induce a meditative state of mind or one that is receptive to sleep or subliminal affirmations.

There is a close link between nature videos and positive emotions.

Binaural beat wavebands

Depending on the person or even depending on the day, binaural beats in the Theta (light sleep) and Delta (deep sleep) wavebands, are known to help one fall asleep more quickly and soundly.

So we build our meditative and sleep-inducing videos around a variety of binaural beats in both the Delta (0.5 Hz – 4 Hz) and Theta (4 Hz – 8 Hz) wavebands. We give our subliminal affirmations a somewhat different binaural treatment. More on that is below. 

But first, let’s take a look at binaural beats. And here is a Healthline article on binaural beats for background.

What are binaural beats?

binaural beats
binaural beats

A binaural beat is an auditory illusion. It is the difference between two given frequencies as perceived by the brain. One frequency is in a tone delivered to the left ear and the other is in a tone delivered to the right ear. 

The binaural beat is not delivered directly to the ears via speakers. And it is necessary that headphones be worn for binaural beats to have their desired effect.

The lower of the two tones is called the carrier tone and the higher is called the offset tone. For the reasons explained below, we always use the 432 Hz frequency as the carrier tone when we create the binaural beats included in our videos.

The term “binaural” is derived from the words bi (the Latin for two) and auris (the Latin for ear). And this means that in order for the brain to perceive and benefit from binaural beats, you must use headphones. 

But don’t let that worry you. You can get very comfortable headphones designed for listening to music while you sleep. And they come with eyeshades too. Check out these links.

You do NOT need headphones to listen to the music or subliminal affirmations in our videos.

How are binaural beats designed?

Binaural beats are tuned to our brainwaves and are used to stimulate desired mental states. They have what is known as an “entrainment effect” on the brain that acts in different ways, depending on the frequency.

Our brainwaves, also called neural oscillations, are associated with the mental states listed below, according to their frequency bands. So in order to find the binaural beat to suit your purpose, you first determine your desired mental state.

Delta band: 0.1 – 4 Hz 

The Delta frequency band is associated with deep sleep, healing, relaxation, and restoration. Too much Delta is associated with an inability to think or learn. 

Theta band: 4 – 8 Hz 

The Theta frequency band is associated with a meditative and creative state, REM sleep, deep relaxation, reduced anxiety, inward focus, feeling, and raw emotion. Too much Theta is associated with depression.

Alpha band; 8 – 12 Hz 

The Alpha frequency band is associated with relaxed daydreaming, positivity, decreased anxiety, meditation, and drowsiness. Too much Alpha is associated with an inability to focus.  

Beta band: 12 – 30 Hz 

The Beta frequency band is associated with our normal active waking state, concentration, problem-solving, and alertness. Too much Beta is associated with stress.

Gamma band: 30 – 100 Hz

The Gamma frequency band is associated with heightened perception, focus, and cognitive processing. Too much Gamma is associated with high arousal and extreme stress.

Negative effects of binaural beats

We mention the negative effects of the various brainwave frequencies because the excessive use of the binaural beats can exacerbate them. So be aware of this. 

How do we build our binaural beats?

We use Audacity, a well-known DAW software, to input a carrier tone to one channel and an offset tone to another channel. Audacity then generates a binaural beat. Here is an example 

  • Carrier tone: 432 Hz
  • Offset tone: 438 Hz
  • Binaural beats the difference between the lower carrier tone and the higher offset tone. 

In this case, the difference is 6 Hz, which is right in the middle of the Theta band.

432 Hz


So why do we use 432 Hz as the carrier tone?

First, it is known that for best receptivity, both the carrier and the offset tone in a binaural beat should be between 400 Hz and 500 Hz. And 432 Hz is within this range.

Second, 432 Hz is an ancient solfeggio frequency that can be traced to patterns in nature. It is most associated with healing, relaxation, reduction in anxiety, lowering blood pressure, mental clarity, and increased perception. It is an earth frequency and therefore in tune with our human nature.

And this brings us to the Schumann Resonance and why we use it for the binaural beats in our subliminal affirmations. 

Schumann Resonance

The Schumann Resonance of 7.83 Hz is virtually the same as 8 Hz, which is mathematically related to the 432 Hz frequency

The Schumann Resonance is also known as the “heartbeat of the earth,” and is the planet’s own magnetic frequency. It is thought to enhance memory, learning, physical rejuvenation, hormone balance, and reduction in stress. It is associated with our Circadian rhythm

In binaural terms, the Schumann Resonance is at the high end of the Theta band, which is associated with relaxed daydreaming, positivity, decreased anxiety, meditation, and drowsiness.

Subliminal affirmations

subliminal affirmations
subliminal affirmations

We describe subliminal affirmations in detail elsewhere on this site: subliminal affirmations. In that post, we also explain why we offer the listener a choice of either male or female voices in the delivery of the subliminal messages.

However, with respect to designing binaural beats for our subliminal affirmations, we use the 432 Hz carrier tone and an offset tone at 439.83 Hz. The difference between the two is 7.83 Hz, which is the Schumann Resonance.

Isochronic tone

In the post we just referenced, we also described an isochronic tone that is also tuned to the Schumann Resonance. We may use an isochronic tone in our sleep and meditation videos. But, for the reasons explained in that post,. we do not use an isochronic tone with our subliminal affirmations.

Necessary disclaimer

If you participate in the subliminal offerings on our YouTube channel, you are acknowledging that the subliminal messages listed in the description are being delivered within the music track of the video, together with binaural beats, at your request. 

In addition, you acknowledge that these offerings are no substitute for appropriate medical advice.  And, in case of doubt, we highly recommend that you consult a physician accordingly.

And, specifically, don’t use binaural beats if:

  • You suffer from seizures or epilepsy
  • You have been diagnosed with psychological disorders
  • You have a heart condition

Again, if in doubt, consult your doctor.

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