Bio Ethanol Fireplace | Low Cost Added Value

Bio Ethanol Fireplace

The bio-ethanol fireplace is a low-cost way to add beauty and value to a home remodel project.

We have listed below a number of fireplaces for your information. Please check out the related post for more detail.

Why Ethanol Fireplaces in Remodeling

We have included fireplaces in our remodel resources because the hearth is the symbolic heart of the home and lives in our ancestral memory as “hearth and home.”  After all, this is where the family would gather for warmth and cooking before the cooking function moved to the kitchen.

So, if it is at all possible,  we would want to install a fireplace as part of our remodel project, assuming we do not have one already.

We have included on this site-specific types of ethanol fireplaces, as being exceptionally low-cost ways of adding value and enjoyment to one’s home.

Methods of Installation of Ethanol Fireplaces

Wall Mounted Ethanol Fireplace

Here the fireplace is surface mounted on the wall in much the same way as a picture. Note that some ethanol fireplaces are dual-purpose wall-mounted or recessed.

Wall-mounted ethanol fireplaces on Amazon

Wall Mounted
Ethanol Fireplaces
Description Dimensions

47” Wall Mounted Recessed Bio Ethanol Fireplace Dual Burner Ventless Space Heater Built In Wall Gas Fireplaces, Smokeless and Thermostability
47”x 7.8″ x19.7″

Tangkula 27.5’’ Wall Mounted Bio-Ethanol Fireplace Ventless Hanging Fireplace Burner Tabletop Fireplace
27.5″x 18.5″ x7.5″

Anywhere Fireplace Chelsea Wall Mount Fireplaces (Black)
27.5 x 5.5 x 19

Recessed Ethanol Fireplace

In this arrangement, the fireplace is installed within the framing of the wall. This is a permanent installation and, unlike the wall-mounted fireplace,  creates value in the real estate.

Recessed ethanol fireplaces on Amazon

Recessed Ethanol
Description Dimensions

Xbeauty 66″ Ventless Built in Recessed Bio Ethanol Fireplace with Safety Glass,Indoor Wall Mounted Fireplace

Regal Flame Indoor Charlotte 64″ Ventless Built in Recessed Bio Ethanol Wall Mounted Fireplace
5.5 x 64 x 21

Recessed Wall Ventless Bio Ethanol Fireplace – Bellezza | Ignis
47.2 x 6.8 x 23.8

Peninsula or Multi-Side

Here, a two or three-sided fireplace is installed within a partition wall dividing two rooms, or as part of a peninsula feature in a large single room.

This goes beyond just placing an ethanol fireplace insert into an existing fireplace.

Peninsula ethanol fireplaces on Amazon

Sample ID Heading 1 Heading 2

Gloss White Paramount Free Standing / Built-In Ethanol Fuel Fireplace
35 7/8″ W x 13 13/16″ D x 35 7/8″ H

Eco-Feu Santa Cruz 2 Sided Built in Fireplace – Stainless Steel
7.9 x 63 x 22.8

Eco-Feu Santa Cruz 2 Sided Built in Fireplace – Matte Black and Stainless Steel1
7.9 x 63 x 22.8

Matte Black Paramount Free Standing / Built-In Ethanol Fuel Fireplace
35 7/8″ W x 13 13/16″ D x 35 7/8″ H

Quick Pros of Ethanol Fireplaces

  • Produces real flame, whereas the electric fireplace does not.
  • Does not need electricity, making it easier and less expensive to install.
  • Clean burning, meaning no smell, soot, or fumes.
  • No vent or chimney is required.
  • Versatile installation.

Quick Cons of Ethanol Fireplaces

  • Not intended as a primary heat source. It does not throw as much heat as an electric fireplace.
  • More expensive to operate than an electric fireplace.
  • Generate flame, so require appropriate safety precautions.
  • Consume oxygen, so require a supply of fresh air.

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