Double Sided Ethanol Fireplace

Double Sided Ethanol Fireplace


This is a unique ethanol fireplace. From a remodeling or interior design point of view, it is something one must consider. It makes a striking design feature and has the special function of heating two spaces at once, as in this image.

Bio flame installation

Bio Flame Two Double-Sided Ethanol Fireplace Insert – My Headlines

Very nice: Beautiful and practical.  A great value-add contribution to a remodel project that can accommodate it. Bio Flame is a well-respected brand.

Not so nice: They are a little pricey. And the larger units are very pricey.  We only feature here the models that will add excellent value but without hogging your remodeling budget.

My main takeaway: This would be a great addition to a project where you have two adjoining rooms with the right wall configuration. It would also be worth creating a semi-partition wall just to feature it.


Well, Why Have a Fireplace At All?

First, if you haven’t got one, why consider a fireplace in the first place? There are two reasons.

1: The value a fireplace adds to a home.

The National Association of Realtors came out with a 2003 study. It stated “fireplaces have a strong, positive effect on selling price with each fireplace adding about 12 percent.”

In 2016 an Angie’s List survey found that a large majority of real estate agents (more than 83 percent) said fireplaces add $1,000 to $4,999 to the value of a home.

There is another often overlooked additional real estate factor. This is marketability. A fireplace simply makes a home more marketable. In simple terms this means that a home with a fireplace will sell faster than a home without one.

If a home sells faster, there is less holding cost in loan and other payments. I have had a real estate broker’s licence for 30+ years and can tell you there is good reason that a fireplace features prominently in a real estate listing.

2: A fireplace brings personal enjoyment and satisfaction. 

As to personal enjoyment and satisfaction, this of course is why a fireplace adds value in the first place.

Everyone loves to have a fire burning in the grate, or at least the look of one. This is simply part of the ancestral psyche of the human being.

Aside from giving warmth when we need it, a fire in  the fireplace brings feelings of coziness, romance, and charm. There is even research that  suggests that looking into a fire can even lower blood pressure.

So, if you already have a fireplace, hang on to it. And, if you haven’t got one, there are good reasons for putting one in.

Plus, if you are including an electric fireplace in a remodel project, you will barely notice the incremental cost, since related trades (electrical, carpentry, drywall and paint) are already on the site.

Why an Ethanol Fireplace?

Three reasons: They are relatively inexpensive to install. They are efficient to operate. And they have the great aesthetics of a real flame.

This is why they are comparatively inexpensive.

  1. A wood or coal burning fireplace requires a flue or chimney. These are expensive to retrofit into a house.
  2. A vented gas fireplace requires a flue or chimney. It also requires a gas line. Gas may or may not be available in the house. And, if it is, a gas line is expensive to run where you need it to be.
  3. An ethanol fireplace, unlike an electric fireplace, does not even need wiring.

This is why an ethanol fireplace is efficient to operate.

  1. Handling wood and coal to light and keep a fire supplied is a pain and you can run out. Plus you have to deal with soot and debris. With an ethanol fireplace you just need a supply of easily handled and stored bio-fuel.
  2. There are no emissions and no gas leaks to worry about with an ethanol fireplace. The bio-fuel burns with no emissions.

Better aesthetics with an ethanol fireplace

It is true that an ethanol fireplace is not as efficient as an electric fireplace, which you can operate at the click of a remote control. However, the look of an ethanol fireplace with its real flames beats the faux flames of an electric fireplace every time.

Why a See Through Fireplace?

Elsewhere on this site we discuss recessed and peninsula fireplaces but here we are reviewing the see-through or two-sided fireplace.

The two-sided feature of this type of fireplace allows a single fireplace to heat and be enjoyed from two rooms. Or you can install it in a semi-divider partition in a single room.

A two-sided fireplace can be installed within a partition wall between complementary adjoining spaces. For example, it can heat and be enjoyed from bedroom and bathroom, kitchen and dining room, or dining room and living room.

See Through Ethanol Fireplace Insert Specs that Deliver What You Need 

Great Bones
  • Can be installed in an interior or exterior wall
  • Completely self contained and easy to  install
  • No connections required to vents, gas lines or electricity
  • Zero clearance and can be installed into any standard framing
  • Fully insulated with a patented heat isolation chamber to ensure safety
Great Looks
  • Beautiful see through effect
  • Elegant steel construction
  • Good looking tempered glass shields on both sides
Great Performance
  • Bio Flame 38″ Double Sided Ethanol Fireplace w/ 16″ Burner: 17,000BTU – 5.0Kw/h (heats on average 742 sq ft; H 22.5” W 38.0”  D 12.75”
  • Bio Flame 38” Double Sided Ethanol Fireplace w/ 24″ Burner: 27,000BTU – 7.9Kw/h (heats on average 1,001sq ft; H 22.5” W 38.0”  D 12.75”
  • Bio Flame 60″ Double Sided Ethanol Fireplace 33,500BTU – 9.8Kw/h (heats on average 1,152 sq ft; D15 x W60 x H26.5 inches
  • Bio Flame 72′ Double Sided Ethanol Fireplace 33,500BTU – 9.8Kw/h (heats on average 1,152ft2); D15 x W72 x H26.5 inches
  • 304 grade stainless steel to withstand heat tarnishing
  • UL Certified
  • 3 year warranty

What Other Buyers Have Said About The Bio Flame Double Sided Ethanol Fireplace

We were not able to find reviews for this product on Amazon.  However, we found reviews elsewhere that are very positive..

We would not hesitate to purchase it based on the manufacturer’s worldwide reputation. Their products have been installed in many international hotels. Plus they stand behind a 3-year warranty.

Pros and Cons of the Bio Flame Double Sided  See Through Ethanol Fireplace Based on Buyer Reviews


Love our fireplace! No data
Spending chilly evenings around our Bio Flame fireplace is now a favorite family pastime. Love the product and easy installation. Highly recommend.
This fireplace is beautiful, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing. The perfect fireplace for an NYC apartment. The quality is fantastic. I have never had any issues. Superb quality. Commercial grade


Q: What kind of fuel should be used in an ethanol fireplace?

A: You should ONLY use liquid bio-ethanol fuel that is specially formulated for fireplaces. You can get it here: Bio Ethanol Fireplace Fuel. It is very highly rated.

Q: Are ethanol fire emissions harmful?

A: No. Bioethanol fuel burns in a fireplace without emitting anything harmful into the air. The only significant byproducts of combustion are water vapor and a small amount of carbon dioxide. But be sure to use only the type of bioethanol fuel that is formulated for ethanol fireplaces. And of course, remember that these fireplaces do produce a real flame. So common sense precautions apply especially when it comes to children and pets.

Q: How much heat will an ethanol fire produce?

A: Since the ethanol fire is ventless, There is no heat lost up a chimney or vent, as is the case with a wood or gas burning fireplace. So the ethanol fire is very efficient. Depending on the size of the fireplace and the opening of the fuel tray, an ethanol fireplace can produce from around 1,500 to 70,000 BTUs per hour of heat. To put this in perspective, it takes 5,000 BTUs to heat an average 450 sq ft room.

Q: How do I maintain an ethanol fireplace?

A: After some use, you will notice slight discoloration or tarnishing of the stainless steel fuel tray. This is easily cleaned off by using any cleaner that is specified for use on stainless steel. Just be sure to use a soft cloth

Q: Are ethanol fireplaces safe for indoor use?

A: Yes. Just be sure to follow manufacturer’s directions regarding installation and use. Be sure that  the room is well ventilated (the fires need oxygen) and there are no flammable materials within 3 feet of the fire.

Q: What is the maximum size of ethanol fireplace I should get?

A: There is a formula to apply. An ethanol fireplace need to have 200 cubic feet of room space for each 1,000 BTUs they produce. So, take the total cubic feet of the room, divide that by 200 and multiply the result by 1,000. That gives you the maximum BTUs you should get. Then check that against the BTU rating of the fireplaces you are looking at.

Q: What makes bioethanol fuel eco-friendly?

A: Bioethanol is green energy. It is derived from common agricultural products such as sugarcane, hemp and corn. It is a non toxic fuel because when burned it only emits water vapor and small amounts of carbon dioxide.


This Bio Flame double-sided, see-through ethanol fireplace is a great choice for incorporation in a remodel project. 

1: An economical choice: Its price is offset by the fact that there are no gas or electric lines to install, nor flue or other venting. All you have to do is frame it into your project. While admittedly expensive, this makes this fireplace an economical purchase. Plus it is backed by a reliable brand.  And there is no wasted heat energy vented up a chimney.

2: Unique custom look: This is a one of a kind fireplace making a big impact design statement, when framed into a partition wall as illustrated earlier.

3: Real flames. When compared to the faux flames of an electric fireplace, the ethanol fireplace wins hands down for aesthetic effect.

4: A remodeling win:  A peninsula ethanol fireplace provides an excellent return on investment in the context of a remodeling project. This is both for immediate personal enjoyment and eventual value-add realized upon sale of the property. You will barely notice the cost within your overall budget.

So there you have it. But don’t just take my word for it. Click on the images or links below and check them out on Amazon yourself. 

Bio Flame 38″ Double Sided Ethanol Fireplace w/ 16″ Burner

Bio Flame Double Sided Ethanol Fireplace w/ 38″ Burner

Bio Flame 60″ Double Sided Ethanol Fireplace

Bio Flame 72′ Double Sided Ethanol Fireplace

Just a quick note about product and price in the context of a home remodel or renovation project. Take a moment to think about how long you will be living with your selection!

Within reason, it’s not the price of a product that matters so much as its suitability and durability. These add up to real value, provided the price is not excessive.

I do have some reservations about the price point of this product in the context of a remodeling budget.  However, the value is there and if you have the budget for it, this Bio Flame Double Sided Ethanol Fireplace is definitely recommended.

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