eGuide to Home Remodeling

eGuide to Home Remodeling

This is an introduction to our new ebook on home remodeling. It is available on Amazon KDP at this link: Eguide to Home Remodeling.

Below this introduction, you will find the Table of Contents for this eguide. This indicates its extent.

eGuide to Home Remodeling

Philosophy of the Guide

This Guide applies a unique philosophy of home remodeling. It focuses on the purpose of the home as a lifestyle platform designed for the people actually living there, not for the benefit of a hired decorator.

This approach combines forward-looking individual planning with the application of the long-standing design principles of function, form, and color. It embraces the modern concept of Universal Design and the ancient precepts of Feng Shui.

This remodeling philosophy espouses timeless beauty, proven trends, and solid innovation over passing fads. And the result is the creation of a pleasing, safe, healthy, and practical living space tailored for a household of all ages. The Guide emphasizes aging in place as the prime application of Universal Design.

The Extent of the Guide            

The Guide covers the remodeling of the whole house, kitchen, and bathroom in detail with extensive checklists. It analyzes the appliances and other components that go into kitchens and bathrooms. It also advises on the living room, bedroom, home office, laundry room, home gym, a zen zone, accessory dwelling unit (ADU), yard & garden, and the home exterior.

A wide range of topics includes hard finishes, lighting design, circadian rhythm lighting, home automation, home health, air quality, aromatherapy, home maintenance, safety, security, home defense, and disaster planning. And there is guidance on choosing professionals, finding financing, and avoiding mistakes.

The Guide maintains that awareness and consideration of these topics are important to the proper prior planning of a remodel project, even if you find them not relevant to your own situation. This knowledge will help you protect the value of your property.

What this Guide is Not

This Guide is NOT a DYI manual. It does not tell you how to lay tile or do the rough electrical for a kitchen. These things are important details but have nothing to do with the conception and planning of your remodel project. You will find great info on these “how-to” subjects elsewhere, especially on YouTube.

Organization of the Guide

The Guide is set up as an informal work of reference. It is not a textbook. It is a large compendium of standalone Chapters organized into modules, with hyperlinked cross-references and a hyperlinked Table of Contents.

This allows you to find topics that interest you easily and jump from one to the other at will. There are also many outbound hyperlinks to further information on the Internet. These are for inspiration and the sourcing of materials.

You will find some repetition of information but this is due to the common philosophical threads that permeate the whole Guide and its nature as a compendium of standalone Chapters. 

The content in some of the Chapters in this Guide first appeared in the author’s blog. But it has been rewritten and repurposed for easy reference in compendium form here, along with never-before published information.

The Approach of the Guide

The Guide emphasizes the importance of thorough pre-planning and research as the key to a successful remodel project outcome, saving money, and minimizing personal stress.

It strongly advocates the use of a Renovation Planner and methodically keeping detailed notes. It urges that most of this work should be done before you even call a contractor or pick up a hammer. In any case, this prep work is essential to managing and working well with the professionals you choose for your project.

Author of the Guide

The author is a retired California remodeling contractor and cabinet company owner with a lifetime of experience in real estate and construction in the US, UK, and Hong Kong.

Get your copy of the guide here: Eguide to Home Remodeling.

Table of Contents


Ch 1: About This E.EGuide   

Ch 2: Using This EGuide   


Ch 3: Universal Design

Ch 4: Aging in Place   

Ch 5: Interior Design Overview

Ch 6: Design Elements & Principles   

Ch 7: Color in Design

Ch 8: Color in Culture   

Ch 9: Room Color and Mood   

Ch 10: Remodel Trends   

Ch 11: Fad vs Trend   

Ch 12: Feng Shui for the Home   


Ch 13: Remodel Overview & Checklist 

Ch 14: Finding Inspiration & Materials 

Ch 15: Interior Lighting 

Ch 16: Smart Home Technology 

Ch 17: Flooring Material

Ch 18: Countertop Material 

Ch 19: Integrated Countertop and Sink  

Ch 20: Pets

Ch 21: 37 Remodel Mistakes  

Ch 22: Hidden Remodeling Costs  

Ch 23: Financing Options  

Ch 24: Loan Broker or Direct Lender   

Ch 25: Working with Professionals   

The Kitchen

Ch 26: Kitchen Remodel EGuide  

Ch 27: Kitchen Overview & Checklist 

Ch 28: Kitchen Layout 

Ch 29: Kitchen Design Trends

Ch 30: Kitchens for the Elderly  

Ch 31: Kitchen Feng Shui 

Ch 32: 20 Kitchen Remodel Mistakes  

Kitchen Equipment.

Ch 33: Kitchen Components 

Ch 34: Kitchen Islands 

Ch 35: Kitchen Cabinets  

Ch 36: Kitchen Sinks  

Ch 37: Kitchen Faucets  

Ch 38: Dishwashers   

Ch 39: Refrigerators   

Ch 40: Wine Fridges   

Ch 41: Cooktops & Ranges   

Ch 42: Range Hoods   

Ch 43: Oven Selection

Ch 44: Microwave Oven Selection

Ch 45: Drawer Microwave Ovens   

Ch 46: Over-the-Range Microwave Ovens 

Ch 47: Countertop Microwave Ovens   

Ch 48: Built-in Microwave Ovens  

The Bathroom

Ch 49: Bathroom Remodel EGuide   

Ch 50: Bathroom Overview & Checklist  

Ch 51: Bathroom Layout  

Ch 52: Bathroom Design Trends   

Ch 53: Bathrooms for the Elderly   

Ch 54: Bathrooms on the Cheap   

Ch 55: Bathroom Feng Shui  

Ch 56: 36 Bathroom Remodel Mistakes   

Bathroom Equipment

Ch 57: Bathroom Remodel Components   

Ch 58: Bathroom Vanity   

Ch 59: Bathroom Vanity Sink   

Ch 60: Bathroom Faucets  

Ch 61: Toilets

Ch 62: Bidets

Ch 63: Bidet – Background & Benefits   

Ch 64: Bidet Toilet Combo   

Ch 65: Bathroom Safety Grab Bars   

Ch 66: Bathroom Shower   

Ch 67: Shower Heads   

Ch 68: Soaking Tubs   

Ch 69: Air Tub vs Jetted Tub   

Ch 70: Home Spa.

Ch 71: Indoor Sauna  

Ch 72: Steam Shower  

The Living Room

Ch 73: Living Room 

Ch 74: Fireplaces

Ch 75: Living Room Feng Shui  

The Laundry Room

Ch 76: Laundry Room 

Ch 77: Washers and Dryers  

The Bedroom

Ch 78: Bedroom Design

Ch 79: Bedroom Feng Shui  

The Home Office

Ch 80: Home Office Design

Ch 81: Home Office Feng Shui 

The Yard

Ch 82: Backyard Granny House/ADU

Ch 83: Yard & Garden Remodel  

Ch 84: Garden Feng Shui 

The Exterior

Ch 85: Home Exterior Remodel  

Maximizing the Makeover

Ch 86: The Healthy Home  

Ch 87: Air Quality in the Home  

Ch 88: Indoor Air Quality & VOCs  

Ch 89: Aromatherapy   

Ch 90: Water Filtration Systems  

Ch 91: Circadian Rhythm Lighting  

Ch 92: Reasons to Declutter 

Ch 93: Decluttering Tips  

Ch 94: Home Health Feng Shui  

Ch 95: Zen Zones

Ch 96 Home Gyms  

Ch 97: Home Maintenance Checklist  

Ch 98: Home Automation   

Home Safety

Ch 99: Home Accident Prevention

Ch 100: Home Defense  

Ch 101: Designing for Disaster  


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