Electric Fireplace | Inexpensive Added Value

Electric Fireplace

An indoor electric fireplace is an inexpensive way to add beauty and value to a remodel or renovation project.

We have listed a number of these fireplaces below and refer you to this related post for an explanation of how it all works.

Why an Electric Fireplace

We have included fireplaces in our remodel resources because the hearth is the symbolic heart of the home and lives in our ancestral memory as “hearth and home.”  After all, this is where the family would gather for warmth and cooking before the cooking function moved to the kitchen.

So, if it is at all possible,  we would want to install a fireplace as part of our remodel project, assuming we do not have one already.

Methods of Installation

Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

Here the fireplace is surface mounted on the wall in much the same way as a picture.

Wall-mounted electric fireplaces on Amazon

Wall Mounted
Electric Fireplace
Description Dimensions

PuraFlame Serena 50 Inches Wall Mounted Linear Electric Fireplace, Log Set, Remote Control, 1500W, Black
50.4″ L X 5.5″ W X 21.7″ H

Homeleader 36″ Electric Fireplace Heater, with Remote Control, Wall Mounted and Freestanding Fireplace, Space Heater, 1500W, Black
35 x 4 x 22

LOKATSE HOME 36″ 1400W Wall Mounted Freestanding Electric Fireplace Stove Heater with Realistic Logs Flame Brightness Timer Thermostat Adjustable Manual&Remote Control (36 inch 3-Level)
36″H x 17.3″W x 4.1″D

Recessed Electric Fireplace

In this arrangement, the fireplace is installed within the framing of the wall. This is a permanent installation and creates value in real estate.

Recessed electric fireplaces on Amazon

Recessed Electric
Description Dimensions

3GPlus 42″ Electric Fireplace Wall Recessed Heater Crystal Stone Flame Effect 3 Changeable Color, Double Remote, 1500/750W-Black
42” L X 4.60” W X 19.21” H

Touchstone ValueLine 50″ 10-Color, in-Wall Recessed, Electric Fireplace, 50 Inch Wide, Logset & Crystal, 1200W Heat (Black)
50 x 5 x 20

Masarflame 72″ Recessed Electric Fireplace Insert, 5 Flame Settings, Log Set or Crystal Options, Temperature Control by Touch Panel & Remote, 750/ 1500W Heater
72″L x 21.65″H x5.5″W

Peninsula or Multi-Side See Through Electric Fireplace

Here, a two or three-sided fireplace is installed within a partition wall dividing two rooms, or as part of a peninsula feature in a large single room.

We have included on this site specific types of electric fireplaces, as being exceptionally low-cost ways of adding value and enjoyment to one’s home. This goes beyond placing an electric fireplace insert into an existing fireplace.

See-through fireplaces on Amazon

See Through Electric Fireplace Description Dimensions

Napoleon Black Surrounds to Accommodate 2″ X 4″ Wall Installation (for Both Sides)
2.5 x 50 x 18.4

Napoleon CLEARion
50 x 8.17 x 18.375

ProCom Electric Peninsula Fireplace with Remote Control-Full Size, Oak Finish, Model# SPE28RE-O, Large
48 x 48 x 40

Quick Pros of Electric Fireplaces

  • No venting or chimney required
  • Excellent heating capability
  • No combustion, so no pollutants
  • Versatile installation
  • Safe because no open flame
  • No oxygen consumption, so no need for a fresh air supply
  • Realistic flame simulation

Quick Cons of Electric Fireplaces

  • It requires an electric circuit making it less versatile and more expensive than an ethanol fireplace when it comes to installation.
  • While the electronic flame is quite good, it is not the same as the real deal flame of the ethanol fireplace.

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