Feng Shui for the Bathroom

feng shui for the bathroom

Feng shui for the bathroom works to overcome what it perceives as the flushing away from our homes and lives of positive chi energy. This occurs as a natural result of what happens in the bathroom. Feng shui also sees that a lot of water, which is associated with our prosperity and wealth, is getting flushed away too.

What’s worse is that in the modern bathroom there is not just one drain. There are several of them, once you count the toilet, the vanity sinks, the shower, a bidet, and the tub. 

And then there are many sources of water, once you include the toilet cistern, the tub and shower faucets, and the vanity faucets.

To make matters worse, the bathroom by its very purpose is linked to human waste, odors, dirt, and germs. All these produce negative chi that needs to be counteracted.

With all this going against it, the bathroom needs special treatment feng shui treatment. 

Applying the principles of feng shui for the bathroom

If we were to build a home from the ground up, we would place the bathrooms in the most feng shui appropriate locations. But the vast majority of us do not have that luxury. So our purpose in this post is to apply feng shui principles to the bathrooms we already have.

There is no single magic feng shui bullet for the bathroom. But if we apply all or most of the feng shui bathroom “cures” available to us, we can prevent the draining of positive chi energy and preserve our prosperity and wealth from the outflowing of water.

The bathroom can then become a source of positive energy, a drain on negative energy, and an oasis of calm and serenity.

Incidentally, as you apply feng shui for the bathroom, perhaps as incidental to a bathroom remodel, there are some mistakes to avoid.

Maintain separation between bathroom and bedroom

The bedroom generates positive energy. And the bathroom tends to generate negative energy. So you do not want bedroom chi flowing into the bathroom and down the bathroom drains.

So, while it is certainly convenient to have direct access from the bedroom to the bathroom, at least maintain the separation of a door or a screen. You want to prevent the positive chi of the bedroom from flowing out into the bathroom.

In another post on bedroom feng shui, we explain that you do not want your bed’s headboard up against a wall with a toilet on the other side. It is for the same reason.

Keep the toilet seat closed. And close before flushing

A flushing toilet washes away waste and water. It also flushes away positive chi. So put the toilet seat down before you flush and then keep it closed while the toilet is not in use. This minimizes the loss of chi.

And here are two side benefits. First, it helps reduce levels of humidity in the bathroom to keep mold and mildew at bay. And, second, it certainly makes the bathroom look better.

Plug the drains you are not using

We have already noted the presence of multiple drains in the bathroom, aside from the toilet. And you shouldn’t overlook a guest bathroom that gets only occasional use.

All these drains suck positive chi out of our lives. So we should block them when not in use. This just means remembering to pull the stoppers, put in the plug, or cover the drain with a shower mat or simple rubber sink stopper.

Close the bathroom door

We have already mentioned the bathroom adjoining the bedroom. But this applies to all the bathrooms in your house. Close all the bathroom doors. This simply prevents the positive chi in the house from entering the bathroom and getting lost down the drains.

Keep the toilet hidden

Feng shui does not like toilets. So keep them hidden. Ideally, the toilet should have its separate closet with a door. But, failing that, see if you can screen it off behind a shower or semi-partition wall so that you can’t see it from the bathroom door. And keep the bathroom door closed.

Place a mirror on the bathroom door

Mirrors reflect chi. So a tall mirror installed on the outside of the bathroom door will effectively cloak the bathroom from the positive chi in the home and generally improve its feng shui.

This follows the same principle that we apply in bedroom feng shui, where we can’t get avoid having a toilet on the other side of the wall behind the headboard. We just install a mirror on the wall over the headboard. This will keep positive chi inside the bedroom

Green plants in the bathroom

By feeding on water, a plant converts the downward energy of water into upward vibrance. This counteracts the chi action of water flowing away.

In any case, a plant improves feng shui by bringing into the bathroom a natural element of wood energy and helps purify the air in the bathroom. 

No clutter in the bathroom

Feng shui does not like clutter. It obstructs the flow of positive chi energy. And, even in the Western tradition, we know that excessive clutter can make us feel uneasy, even anxious. It affects our energy levels.

And because the bathroom is a small space, the effect of clutter is exacerbated. So we need to get rid of it. 

What’s more is that the bathroom is in use multiple times per day and we frequently bring new products into it. So they accumulate and we forget to eliminate what is no longer needed.

Make it a habit to go through all your toiletries and cosmetics. Weed through everything in the vanity drawers, cabinets, and medicine cabinet. Eliminate all products past their “use by” date. And purge anything that is broken or no longer needed.

Bring in cabinet and drawer organizers to maximize the use of available storage space. Your goal should be to keep your bathroom countertops completely clear, except for something decorative and a plant. 

Try to arrange your drawer space in such a way that the products you use frequently are out of sight but easy to grab when you want them.

Clean the bathroom regularly

The practice of feng shui fosters energies that will purify and renew us. And the bathroom is where we go to keep our bodies clean and refresh our minds while we do it. So we need to make sure that the bathroom fits that purpose. This means cleaning it regularly.

Of course, this is basic Western hygiene. But we need to remember that positive chi energy thrives in clean places.

Good bathroom lighting

Feng shui favors good bathroom lighting. Bright light fosters vitality. Besides, it’s highly practical when it comes to our grooming practices.

Ideally, we should have natural light from a bathroom window. But many bathrooms do not have windows. So we must rely on artificial light. If this is the case with your bathroom, give a thought to installing circadian rhythm lighting to mimic the sunlight outside.

Whatever the case, make sure your bathroom lighting uses smart technology or dimmer switches. You don’t want bright lighting in your bathroom all the time, which brings us to the next point.

Creating a spa-like feel in the bathroom

Bring positive chi energy into the bathroom by creating a spa-like feel there. You want to engender an atmosphere of luxury, restoration, calm, and well-being. Spoil yourself.

Here are some suggestions: put in a rain shower; use cool bathroom accessories; soak in your tub; get a bamboo tub caddy to hold your tablet, book, and wine glass; light some candles.

Good bathroom ventilation

Mold, mildew, and odors result from poor ventilation and these are bad feng shui. But proper ventilation can deal with them.

Ideally, your bathroom will have a window. In this case open it frequently to bring in fresh air, which is laden with positive chi. But, if you have to rely on mechanical exhaust ventilation to remove stale air, make sure it is properly sized.

Exhaust capacity is measured in CFM (cubic feet per minute) of air that is moved. And the general rule is that you should have a minimum of 1 CFM capacity for each square foot of room area. And if you have separate bathroom compartments for a toilet or shower, it is best to have additional exhaust fans.

And don’t forget that modern exhaust fan technology offers cool add-ons, like ceiling lights, heat lamps, and BlueTooth speakers.

Enhance bathroom feng shui with the Bagua Map

bagua map

We talk in some detail about the Bagua Map here. But here is a quick recap to show you how to locate your bathroom on the map.

Superimpose the map on the floor plan of your home with the northern edge of the map aligned with the wall that contains your front door. Then look at the floor plan, find your bathroom, and see which square (or gua) of the map lies on top of it. 

Then refer to the element, color, shape, and material contained by that square and use them as guidance in the selection of enhancements for the feng shui in your bathroom. But remember to avoid any water element enhancement.

Bathroom in the center of the Bagua Map

If your bathroom falls in the center of the Bagua Map, this is bad feng shui. It is especially bad if it is the only bathroom in the home because that means it sees so much activity that is generally draining of positive chi.

The center or heart of the home is supposed to be a light, airy, and bright happy, and beautiful place.

So all you can do in this circumstance is pay special attention to implementing all of the feng shui bathroom tips we have provided here, to counter the negative feng shui.

Bathroom decorating in Bagua style

Turn your bathroom into a haven, refuge, or spa. Make it a place you positively like being in and not just somewhere to bathe or relieve yourself. So, decorate your bathroom in a style that appeals to you.

But in selecting the artwork and decorative items, take guidance from the colors, elements, shapes, and materials shown on that square (or gua) of the Bagua Map in which the bathroom lies.

Bathroom-specific feng shui decorating tips

While taking general guidance from the Bagua Map, there are some bathroom-specific feng shui principles to be aware of. Much of this revolves around the unavoidable dominating presence of the water element in the bathroom and the need to balance it.

Balance water by using earth and wood elements

The earth element balances water because it absorbs it, dams it, or contains it, as within the banks of a river. It is easy and practical to introduce the earth element in a bathroom by using quartz or granite countertops. Don’t use marble because this material is difficult to maintain and susceptible to staining.

The wood element balances water because it absorbs water as it grows and it also contains and structures it in tree growth. It’s easy to add wood to the bathroom by using wood vanities or decorative items. You can add a wood bathtub tray as a practical touch of wood. And always include a green plant.

Conclusions on feng shui for the bathroom

It’s clear that achieving and maintaining good feng shui for the bathroom is not easy. But the bathroom is an important place and deserves attention to detail. 

We spend a great deal of time in the bathroom. So we owe it to the overall feng shui of our home to put in the necessary effort to maintain positive overall chi energy.

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