Frigidaire Induction Cooktop

Frigidaire Induction Cooktop

Frigidaire Induction Cooktops

Hello! And welcome to my Frigidaire induction cooktop review. We cover both the Frigidaire 30″ Gallery Induction Cooktop and the Frigidaire 36″ Gallery Induction Cooktop.

Our site has a special emphasis on Universal Design and its subset, Aging in Place. Our product reviews reflect this, especially when it comes to ergonomics for the elderly.

In addition, we approach all our reviews from a home renovation, remodeling, and value-add perspective.

Note on the video below: This is a Frigidaire demo of an earlier model than those we review here.

Frigidaire 30_Induction Cooktop

Frigidaire Gallery Series Induction Cooktops – My Headlines

Very nice: A very cool black aesthetic look and packing great functionality. We are big advocates of aging in place remodeling and an induction cooktop is a perfect addition to a senior’s kitchen because it is so safe. No naked flame and no hot surfaces.

Not so nice: Pricey compared to the gas stainless cooktop or the ceramic electric cooktop. And you can’t use a wok on it!

My main takeaway: Both the 30-inch and 36-inch models will do well for you. They are entirely fit for purpose. They are also great value considering what they can do and the safety they provide. Plus they are backed by an excellent brand.


If you are remodeling your kitchen, whether fully or partially, there is good cause for choosing a separate cooktop and wall oven over the standard all-in-one range. Here are the main reasons:

  1. Flexible design options: For example, you can have the cooktop on an island and the oven at a more manageable height within the cabinetry on a wall.
  2. Convenience: You get a much easier transition from the cooking area to the countertop. Plus the cooktop can even double as extra counter space when not being used for cooking.
  3. Safer than a range: The cooktop cools off faster. And the surface of an induction cooktop does not even heat up.

It is true that a separate cooktop and oven is more expensive than the range combination but in our opinion this is outweighed by the benefits of the arrangement, especially considering you will be enjoying them for a long time.

The Frigidaire 30″ Gallery Induction Cooktop Element Layout

frigidaire 30 inch gallery element layout

The Frigidaire 36″ Gallery Induction Cooktop Element Layout


Gas Cooktop Specs (both units) Delivering
Surface Type Black Ceramic Glass. Easy to clean and a great aesthetic addition to your kitchen.
Safe Surface Induction only heats pans and the food in them: the area around the pans stays cool to the touch.
Glass Touch Controls Responsive and easy to read. Includes a cooktop timer to set a specified amount of time you want items to cook.
Control Location Center front
Energy Efficiency Since induction only heats your cookware and not your kitchen, less energy is lost throughout the cooking process.
Wall Oven Compatible Approved for installation over a Frigidaire Electric Wall Oven
30 Inch Unit Delivering
Right Front Element 7″ – 1,800 / 2,600W
Left Front Element 7″ – 1,800/2,600W
Center Element 10″ – 2,500 / 3,800W
Left Rear Element 6″ – 1,450/2,000W
36 Inch Unit Delivering
Center Rear Element 10″ – 2500/3800V
Right Front Element 8″ – 2300/3200W
Left Front Element 8″ – 2300/3200W
Right Rear Element 7″ – 1800/2600W
Left Rear Element 7″ – 1800/2600W

Frigidaire Gallery Induction Series Installation Specs

30-Inch Frigidaire Cooktop 36-Inch Frigidaire Cooktop
Overall Width 30.75″ 36.75″
Overall Depth 21.5″ 21.375″
Overall Height 4.875″ 4.875″
Cutout Width 28.5″ – 29.875″ 33.875 – 24.25″
Cutout Depth 19.625″ – 19.75″ 19.125″ – 20.5″
Cutout Height 4.5″ 3.625″
Electrical Connection Right Rear Right Rear
Voltage Rating 240V / 208V / 60Hz / 30A 240V / 208V / 60Hz / 45A

The Frigidaire Gallery Series Induction Cooktop Controls Layout

Frigidaire 30 inch Gallery Induction Cooktop Controls


Both these units are very highly rated on Amazon and on other sites. We have summarized buyer reactions in these thumbs up and thumbs down columns.

Pros and Cons of the Frigidaire 30″ and Frigidaire 36″ Induction Cooktops

Convenience of electric and the control of gas A little noisy
Once you go with induction you never go back Came in a previously opened box
Very simple install
Love the big ring in the center
Amazed how fast water boils
Good value for price


We have summarized the main questions and answers from buyers and prospective buyers of these induction cooktops as follows:

Q: Is this really an electric cooktop?

A: Yes. It is powered by electricity. But the heating effect is via electromagnetism rather than a conventional electric heating element.

Q: Is the warranty by Frigidaire?

A: Yes. When the unit arrives go online and register the unit.

Q: Can you use any kind of pots and pans with this?

A: No. They must be ferrous and flat-bottomed for the electromagnetic effect to work. This means that you can’t use a regular wok on an induction cooktop. However, if a magnet sticks to a flat-bottomed pan you are good to go. There is also some cookware that is purpose-made for induction cooking and would be more efficient.

Q: Can the induction cooktop surface scratch?

A: Yes it is glass. But you can use Silicone Fiberglass Induction Cooktop Mats under the cookware to prevent scratching without affecting the electromagnetic heating action. This will also stop the cookware sliding around on the glass surface.


1: How do you clean a glass cooktop?

Since the surface is glass, Windex is tried and true on glass cooktops, both induction and regular electric. This is for routine cleanup.

If anything gets caked onto the glass, then here is Plan B:

  • First, get a razor blade-type metal scraper and gently lift the crud off the surface of the glass.
  • Then use the Cerama Bryte – Cooktop Cleaning Kit to follow up.
  • Finish with a soft microfiber cloth.

2: How do you compare stainless steel gas cooktops and porcelain enamel gas cooktops?

So far as aesthetic appearance goes, this is simply a matter of personal preference. In our opinion, while we are used to seeing stainless steel on the vertical surfaces of, say, a refrigerator, it looks great on a horizontal surface too.

As to ease of cleaning, it is probably a toss-up between the two but with a slight edge in favor of the enamel cooktop.

As to durability, porcelain enamel can chip if something sharp or heavy gets dropped on it. While this can be repaired with something like Black Porc-a-Fix Porcelain High Heat Touch-up Kit, the enamel finish will never be quite the same. So in this respect, the edge goes to the stainless steel cooktop.

So the ultimate decider between the two is your own preference for aesthetic appearance. .

3: Gas cooktop vs electric cooktop – Which is better?

In our opinion, it all comes down to cooking style preferences but there are differences to consider:

  • A gas cooktop applies heat to the cookware instantly. Equally, you can reduce the heat instantly. Electric cooktops take a little while to reach the temperature you want and they take time to cool. So gas gives you much better control. On the other hand, an induction cooktop (as distinct from a regular electric cooktop) gives you pretty much the same control as gas.
  • The size of the gas flame gives you a visual idea of where the temperature is. You don’t get this with an electric element.
  • Due to the nature of the heat transfer, a gas cooktop generally heats more evenly. This is because the gas flame heats both the bottom and the sides of the cookware.
  • Gas cooktops can be more expensive to buy and install but they are less expensive to operate.
  • A glass electric cooktop is easier to keep clean than a gas cooktop.
  • Electric cooktops are safer than gas cooktops simply because electricity is inherently safer than gas.

4: Gas cooktop vs induction cooktop – Which is better?

First, what’s the difference? The gas cooktop heats the material of the cookware directly via flame and heat applied by the burners to its bottom and sides. The induction cooktop causes the ferrous cookware itself to get hot via high-frequency electromagnets instead of gas burners. The electromagnetic effect causes the cookware to heat but not the cooktop on which it sits.

As to which is more responsive, the gas and induction cooktops are about equal. They deliver the same ability to adjust heat.

As to which is better, in general, the induction cooktop is more expensive but more efficient. It is also considered safer since the only thing that gets hot is the cookware itself. This is aside from heat radiated from the cookware back to the cooktop surface but which cools off fast. However, for induction cooking you must use flat bottomed ferrous cookware for it to work at all.

If you like to cook with a wok, then gas is your best bet. You can’t use a wok on an induction cooktop.

And then there is the preference of cooking style. Some people just prefer to cook with gas and that is the end of the discussion. It’s great that we have options!

5: Induction cooktop vs regular electric cooktop – Which is better?

The induction cooktop is safer because the elements do not cause the surface of the cooktop to heat up. So in the case of a regular flat glass electric cooktop, unless there is a built in heat warning light, there is nothing to alert you that the surface is hot. At least with a gas cooktop you can see if there is a flame or not.

The induction cooktop is more efficient in its use of electricity. Also, unlike the regular electric element, there is virtually instant control of the amount of heat. it generates within the cookware.

The induction cooktop is more expensive than the regular electric cooktop. And you are limited in the kind of cookware you can use. It must be ferrous. You can’t use glass or aluminum.

6: 36-inch cooktop vs 30-inch cooktop – Which should I go for?

If you don’t have space for a 36-inch unit, then the 30-inch unit is your only choice.

However, if you have space, go for the 36-inch unit. Here are three reasons:

  1. If you have a ton of counter space, a 30-inch unit would not be in proportion and would look awkward in the space.
  2. The 36-inch unit has a greater cooking capacity and you will certainly welcome this for entertaining.
  3. The 36-inch unit would add greater resale value, not least because of the added “wow” effect.


Both the 30-inch and 36-inch cooktop units deliver the goods:

1: Easy surface cleanup: We talked about this above.

2: A good variety of elements: Both of our featured cooktops do well here.

3: The cooking surface stays cool: This allows it to double as additional counter space when you are not cooking.

4: Legible and well-located controls: The controls of both cooktops are easily read and located centrally in front of the unit.

5: All the aesthetics you could want for your kitchen: The cool black glass look makes a timeless statement.

6: Exceptionally good value: This is especially when compared with other induction cooktops on the market.

So there you have it. But don’t just take my word on it. Click on the image links below and check them out on Amazon yourself. 

frigidaire 30 inch gallery element layout

Just a quick note about the product and price in the context of a home remodel or renovation project. Take a moment to think about how long you will be living with your selection!

Within reason, it’s not the price of a product that matters so much as its suitability and durability. These add up to real value, provided the price is not excessive.

I can safely say that the Frigidaire 30″ Gallery Induction Cooktop and the Frigidaire 36″ Gallery Induction Cooktop stand that test.

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