Home Component Reviews

Home Component Reviews

Home Component Reviews

Our purpose with this part of our site is to round out our remodeling recommendations with product suggestions for equipping your rejuvenated home.

In line with our emphases on Universal Design and aging in place,  many of these products will have seniors in mind.

These product suggestions come to you in the form of reviews. Here’s why.

Your Shopping Options

When looking for home gear or other equipment for your remodeled home, you have two options. You can go to a local retail store or you can shop online.

Local Retail Shopping

It used to be that shopping retail was the preferred way to go. After all, you can see and feel a product first hand.

But this has drawbacks:

  • You have to get in your car and drive to the local store.
  • You have no good way of knowing that what you find in the store is actually right for you.
  • The staff in the store may be helpful and courteous but they may well not know much about the product.
  • The store you are in may not have a selection of similar items with which you can make a comparison.

Shopping Online

One way to shop online is to go straight to Amazon, enter a search term, browse the relevant product category, and make a selection.

Now Amazon is definitely the place to go because everything is there.

The Online Review

But, before you go to Amazon, a better first step is to read a review site like this. We can save you a great deal of time by doing the research online for you and then send you over to Amazon already armed with knowledge.

So, how do we research our reviews and come to make our recommendations?

Basically we do for you all the things you would do for yourself, if only you had the time. Let’s break it down.

For every product and product variant:

1: We gather data. 

We look at familiar brands and products with established reputations. We also try to run down new and promising products. Our data gathering includes:

  • Checking out competitive products on various online retail platforms – Amazon, Walmart, Wayfair, and many more.
  • Running down user reviews and ratings on these various platforms.
  • Looking at company promotional material, user manuals, and reviews on the manufacturers’ websites.
  • Examining other online reviews
  • Getting feedback from online forums

Through this process we determine whether the product deserves a review in the first place. Our process will exclude any product that in our opinion is not fit for your consideration.

We then sift, sort, analyse, and collate the data. While our own experience, perspectives and insights come into play, we consciously strive to be objective in our conclusions.

Our ultimate end point is to ascertain the relative value for money of each product.

2: We write our product review. 

The review summarizes and tabulates our findings in an easily digestible way. We compare and contrast. We list features and benefits of each product, and their pros and cons as we see them.

We also add some explanatory narrative, a buyers guide, and FAQs

An Informed Decision

Having absorbed the information we present, you can now make an informed decision. You can then shop confidently and directly online by following the affiliate links in our posts.

Reduced risk

Our reviews strive to provide the information you need to select the right product for what you need and within your budget.

We want you to be able to buy with confidence. We have already excluded products that we do not think are worth buying in the first place. So you can feel confident buying the cheapest one in the review lineup if that is what fits your budget.

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Thank You for Your Support

Our site is reader supported. So when you buy something through these links, the company supplying it to you may send us a referral commission.

Doing this does not cost you anything extra but it does reward us for bringing useful and time-saving information to you.

We thank you for shopping through our site and believe this is a win-win for both of us.

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