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home remodeling design and decoration

Home design and decorating is a very large subject. So, in the collection of posts linked below, we are putting it in the context of remodeling projects.

So far we have posted on:

  • Rules of design in remodeling
  • Use of color in a remodeling project
  • Colors and cultures in your selection of color themes and accents
  • Lighting design for a home remodel project
  • Universal design in home remodeling
  • Designing and decorating a living room
  • Bedroom design and decoration

How to use rules of design in remodeling

In this post, we discuss the difference between design elements and design principles and their application. We explain that, in the home remodeling scenario, it is basically all about what works. You can break the rules to get the effect you want.

How to use color in a remodeling project

We discuss the history of color, the physics of color, the physiology of color, and the language of color. We explain how color families are derived and then used in color schemes for remodeling and renovation projects.

We show that you select the color for your materials first and your paint at the very end.

Colors and cultures in remodeling

We cover color perception across cultures and what various specific colors mean to different cultures.

And since we live in a multicultural society, we show the opportunities for people to honor their various ancestries. They can do this by the use of the cultural significance of colors relevant to their own heritage in their remodeling projects.

Of course, this is all done within the context of the general rules for using color in a renovation or remodeling project.

How to design lighting for a remodeling project

We answer the question: How do you make a lighting plan? We explain the concept of layered lighting and how to use ambient, task, and accent lighting.

We explain wattage and lumens. And we help you understand color temperature and ambiance.

Finally, we apply the concept of layered lighting to individual rooms.

Universal design in residential spaces

We answer the question: Why is universal design important? And what is universal design in interior design?

We dispel the myths surrounding universal design and reveal its roots. It is a holistic approach to remodeling aimed at making the home comfortable and accessible for everyone, regardless of age or physical ability.

How to design & decorate a living room

What do you need in a living room? We cover purpose and function; the space; the focal point; movement and circulation; conversation areas and more.

Bedroom design & decoration

Bedrooms matter. And we cover bedroom design and decoration dos and don’ts and general bedroom design and decoration tips.

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