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Home Remodeling Guide

This home remodeling guide is in fact a collection of different guides in separate posts covering all aspects of your home remodeling project.

The guides we offer here are the results of more than 30 years of experience in the remodeling and home construction fields as a general contractor. This includes a number of years owning a cabinetry company.

We are well qualified to provide this advice and sincerely hope you find it useful.

Our goal is to answer all the questions that come up when people start to think about a remodeling project. These are questions like: What are the steps to remodeling a house? And: How do I plan a complete house renovation?

We cover subjects like home renovation costs, home renovation contractors, and where to get remodeling home ideas.

In this section of our website, we include remodeling guides that cover the whole house generally and the kitchen and bathroom specifically. This is because it is these rooms that get the most attention in any remodeling project, and often on a standalone basis.

We also cover in this section the related subjects of Aging in Place remodeling, the costs and financing of remodeling projects, and general tips on remodeling design and decoration.

More posts in more detail coming soon.

Whole-Home Remodeling Guides

Our home general remodeling guides include a post on how to approach a whole house remodel. This includes an extensive checklist and details some things to anticipate to make sure your project runs smoothly.

We also cover how to add fireplaces for inexpensive value add and enjoyment. And there is a post on how to go about choosing the professionals you need for your remodeling project.

Bathroom Remodeling Guides 

Our bathroom section has a post on the general approach to a bathroom remodel, which includes an 89 point checklist. There is another post on laying out the bathroom, which covers space planning and the application of 25 design principles. It emphasizes the importance of staying organized.

There is a separate post on the benefits of including bidets in bathroom renovations. And an additional post on saunas in a remodel project.

Kitchen Remodeling Guides

Our kitchen section contains a post on the general approach to a kitchen renovation or remodel. This includes a 101-point checklist.

We have an additional post on laying out the kitchen remodeling project. This includes a discussion of the 31 Illinois Rules and the Work Triangle.

Aging in Place Remodeling Guides

Our aging-in-place section contains a post on the general subject of remodeling with the elderly in mind. It includes a 130-point checklist. It also includes posts specifically on bathroom remodeling for the senior citizen and remodeling for the visually impaired.

Home Remodeling Cost and Finance

This section includes a post covering the general subject of how to pay for a renovation project. And there is a separate post alerting you to the hidden costs of remodeling that can upend your budget if you are not aware of them.

Home Remodeling Design and Decoration

Here we have a post covering the rules of design and their application to remodeling. Additional posts cover the use of color in remodeling projects, colors and cultures, lighting design, and bedroom and living room decorating tips.

More Posts Coming

This website is a work in progress. We have a lot more to say on home remodeling and will be adding posts on a regular basis.

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