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home remodeling guides

This home remodeling guide is a post that links out to a number to a number of other posts on a variety of home renovation topics.

This includes:

  • How to tackle home renovation
  • The best value-add way to include a fireplace in your remodel project
  • How to go about selecting home renovation companies

How to Approach a Whole House Remodel

Here we discuss the importance of writing everything down from the outset and getting and staying organized with and maintaining a renovation planner.

We go over all the things that should be included in the planner. These are your initial ideas and inspirations; your lists and floor plans and sketches; your product selections; a project management section; a project progress section; and a documentation section.

Most importantly, we answer the question: How do I plan a complete house renovation? And we get you on your way with a 71 point renovating a house checklist. We go over the process by which the wish list becomes the checklist.

Our goal is to help people get over the feeling of being overwhelmed by house renovation.

How to include a fireplace in a remodel 

We cover the benefits of installing an electric or ethanol fireplace as part of your remodel project. We explain how it will increase your own enjoyment.

It will also increase the value of your property in a way that you can recover the cost. In addition, it will make your home more marketable, that is, easier to sell when it comes time to move on.

We go over the various ways to install an electric or ethanol fireplace. These include wall-mounted fireplaces, recessed or built-in fireplaces, and multi-side or peninsula fireplaces.

And we go over the pros and cons of electric and ethanol fireplaces. We contrast them with the regular gas fireplace.

How to choose home remodeling professionals

In this post, we cover how to hire and work with remodeling professionals.

We discuss the various professions involved, including architect, interior designer, draftsman, design-build contractor, general contractor, handyman, and cabinetry company.

We go over interview questions, bid evaluation, documentation, project management, and follow-up. We again emphasize the importance of keeping a renovation binder.

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