Kitchen Remodel Components

kitchen remodel components

In this post, we summarize and link to separate posts on those home improvement remodel components that are applicable to the kitchen, as distinct from the whole home and bathrooms.

Kitchen remodeling components are those fixtures, fittings, and appliances that are almost always associated with kitchen remodeling, renovation, or initial construction. We briefly introduce them below with appropriate links.


We distinguish cooktops from ranges.  And describe the four different types of cooktops. We focus on the induction cooktop as being, in our opinion, the best cooktop solution. This is especially so for aging-in-place applications, where safety is paramount.


We go over the various dishwasher options. We distinguish between the conventional drop-front dishwasher and the drawer-type dishwasher. Our preferred configuration is twin-drawer dishwashers on either side of the kitchen sink. The drawer dishwasher is ideal from the point of view of universal design.

Kitchen faucets

We discuss the different types of kitchen faucets and the appropriate criteria for their selection. We review wall mount vs deck mount faucets. We recommend the use of touchless or single-lever faucets, especially having regard to the principles of universal design.

Kitchen islands

We discuss the origin of the kitchen island and the options available today for incorporation in a kitchen remodel project.  These include the rolling kitchen island, the furniture piece kitchen island, the kitchen peninsula, and the permanent built-in kitchen island.

Kitchen sinks

The best kitchen sink for overall looks, durability, and versatility is, in our opinion, the stainless steel sink. However, we review the main types of kitchen sink available and compare them. Our overall recommendation is the double bowl stainless steel sink.


We discuss gas vs electric ovens, and range ovens vs wall ovens. We go over double wall ovens vs single wall ovens. And then there are swing door ovens with their French door variant vs the drop door oven.  We like the single, swing door oven. And if you want a double oven, go for side by side swing door ovens. Our recommendation, as usual, is driven by accessibility and universal design.

Range hoods

Our discussion of range hoods begins with the need to select it early; in the kitchen remodeling project because other decisions depend on it. We talk about vented vs ducted range hoods, the sizing of the range hood, and much more.


We discuss the built-in refrigerator, the freestanding refrigerator, the counter depth refrigerator, the under-counter refrigerator, and freezer drawers. We go over refrigerator sizes and the arrangement of doors and freezer compartments in the context of ergonomics. And we talk about the placement of the refrigerator,  and its part in the kitchen work triangle.

Wine refrigerators 

Our discussion includes the difference between built-in and freestanding wine refrigerators in the manner in which they can be installed. We also talk about the difference between thermoelectric and compressor-type wine refrigerators. And we also discuss wine refrigerator temperatures and dual zones.

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