Kitchen Remodeling Guide

kitchen remodel guide

Our kitchen remodeling guide is pretty comprehensive.

In this section of our home remodeling guides, we have included, so far, thorough posts on:

  • Approaching a kitchen remodel or renovation
  • Laying out a kitchen renovation or remodel

We will be adding more posts on this very large subject.

Kitchen remodel checklist

In this post, we emphasize the importance of the “write it down” mindset and the use of a remodeling project planning binder from the outset.

We consider the kitchen in the context of the “whole house” and gain an understanding of how to layout a kitchen remodel by addressing the 7 major kitchen design space elements. These are: workstations, cabinetry, countertops and backsplashes, flooring, sinks, faucets, and appliances.

We introduce a “progressive checklist” for a full kitchen remodel. This 101-point kitchen checklist takes you through the entire process from what to consider when remodeling a kitchen, to getting kitchen renovation ideas, to deciding on the various kitchen components, such as cabinetry and appliances.

You will also find information on what you need from your electrical and mechanical systems. Plus you will find how to work towards the style, appearance, finish, and ambiance you want.

And we go over in some detail the functional considerations you need to address in the design of cabinets for your kitchen.

We even touch on the utility or laundry room with a link out to a separate post on washers and dryers and remodeling.

How to layout a kitchen remodel

In this post, we go into how to lay out a kitchen remodel in greater depth. We help you discover kitchen design standards and review the 31 Illinois kitchen rules. These date back to 1944 but they are evergreen and now updated.

These rules cover the distance between work centers, traffic clearances, dishwasher placement, and much more. It’s just about everything you need in how to plan a kitchen

We talk about six different configurations of the work triangle in your kitchen design layout, how to execute

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