Rest of Home Remodel Components

rest of home remodel components

In this post, we summarize and link to separate posts on those home improvement products that are applicable to the whole home, as distinct from kitchens and bathrooms.

Thus far under this category, we have included posts on:

  • Electric fireplaces
  • Ethanol fireplaces
  • Washers and dryers

We will be fleshing this category out with other posts covering everything required for home remodeling, renovation, and decoration. That is everything except those items that are kitchen or bathroom specific. These items are in categories of their own.

So this category will include hard finishes, like tile, stone, and wood. These are applied to backsplashes, countertops, and flooring. And it will extend to soft finishes like furniture.

We will also include built-ins, fixtures, and fittings. Examples of this are cabinetry and lighting

Electric fireplaces

We discuss the reasons for choosing an electric fireplace. And we go into the various methods of installing them. These include wall mounting, recessing, and the peninsula arrangement.

In addition, we summarize the pros and cons of electric fireplaces.

We also link to an explanatory post on how a fireplace can be an inexpensive way to add both value and enjoyment to a home. This applies to both electric and ethanol fireplaces.

Ethanol fireplaces

In much the same way as with electric fireplaces, we discuss the similar ways in which they can be installed. And we summarize their pros and cons.

This post contains the same explanatory link to a post explaining in detail how it is that a fireplace can be a surprisingly economical way to add value and ambiance to a remodeling project.

Washers and dryers

We approach washers and dryers following a prominent theme of this website. That is, we look at these appliances from the point of view of universal design and aging in place.

We explain why we like front-loading combo units that come on storage pedestals or that can have a cabinet drawer placed beneath them.

This post also provides tips on laundry and utility room design.

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