Soaking Tubs for Bathroom Remodel

soaking tubs

So what are the best soaking tubs to include in your bathroom remodel?

We’ll take a look at step-over and walk-in soaking bathtubs.

Where to start in choosing a soaking tub?

The admitted starting point of this site in recommending a soaking tub within the context of a bathroom remodel is aging in place and Universal Design. Accordingly, we are more concerned here with function over style and skip over such choices as the freestanding or clawfoot type tubs.

Low Step Over Tubs, Conversion Kits, and Transfer Benches 

The low step-over bathtub makes transitioning in and out of the tub for an elderly person much easier than a standard tub. Nonetheless, in an aging-in-place application, they should be installed with the liberal use of grab bars.

All in all, we do not think these are a good option and would instead recommend a conversion kit that allows an existing standard side tub to become more accessible, either as a tub or as a shower. Alternatively, use a transfer bench arrangement.

As a long-term planning strategy, we highly recommend the walk-in tub.

Walk-in Tubs

In an aging-in-place context, we absolutely recommend the walk-in tub rather than the low step-over tub, as being a better long-term solution. And, if there is no budget for a walk-in tub, you might consider going to a no-threshold or curbless shower instead.

However, that said and given the very great comfort of having a tub to soak in, when you put the cost of a walk-in tub in the context of your overall remodeling budget, you may well find that by making savings elsewhere in the budget, the cost of a walk-in tub suddenly becomes doable.

Walk-in tubs come in simple soaker and whirlpool configurations.

Financial Assistance for Walk-In Tubs

While Medicare itself does not cover these items, it is an open question whether Medicare Advantage programs may. However, they do appear to be tax deductible as a medical expense. Check with your financial adviser as we do not give tax advice.

Walk-in tubs on Amazon

Walk-in Tubs Description Dimensions

American Standard 32 Inches x 52 Inches Right Hand Outward Opening Door Value Series Walk in Whirlpool in White (3252OD.709.WRW-PC)
52 x 32 x 40

Ariel EZWT-3060-SOAKER-R Walk in Bathtub Right Side Drain, 60″L x 37″H x 30″W, White
60 x 30 x 37

60″ x 30″ Companion Massage Walk In Tub
30” wide x 60” long x 38” high with two 20” seats facing each othe

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