Steam Showers and Remodeling

steam showers

So how to choose the best steam shower for your remodeling project?

It boils down to a steam shower generator as part of a new or refurbished shower, on one hand. On the other hand is the prefabricated steam shower unit.

However, your first decision is whether to install a steam shower or a sauna.

Steam Shower and Sauna Therapy

We have included elsewhere saunas and steam showers as an extension of our bathroom component collections.  However, while a sauna may or may not be installed as part of a bathroom remodel project, a steam shower can also double as a regular shower.

We have included electrically heated and Infrared saunas, and steam showers in the context of Universal Design and aging in place for their very great beneficial effects.

How to choose between a sauna and a steam shower? It is totally a matter of personal preference and in our experience comes down to how and in what ambiance the individual wants the therapeutic heat delivered. Although we must say that a steam shower lacks the ambiance of a sauna room.

Steam showers on Amazon

Steam Showers Description Dimensions

Mesa 803A Steam Shower
Not Stated

Ariel Platinum DZ956F8 Steam Shower
59 x 35.5 x 87.4

ARIEL Platinum DZ959F8-W-L White Steam Shower
47″ x 35.4″ x 89″

Steam Generators

For many remodel projects – perhaps even most of them – converting an existing shower into a steam shower using a steam generator is the way to go. This is the subject of a separate post. However, we have included a selection of the best steam generators here.

Steam generators on Amazon

Steam Generator Description Dimensions

EliteSteam 7.5 KiloWatt Luxury Home Steam Shower System (Steam Shower Generator, Control, Steam Head, and Cable) (Brushed Nickel Inside Control)
15 x 6 x 15.5

Superior 12kW Self-Draining Steam Bath Generator with Waterproof Programmable Controls and 2 Chrome Steam Outlets
20.5 x 12.7 x 20

CGOLDENWALL 9KW Commercial Self-Draining Digital Steam Generator Shower System Sauna Bath Home SPA 30 min to 12 Hours with Waterproof controller For suitable space heating 9 m³ (220V)
22.4 x 17.4 x 10.

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