What is the Best Weight Loss Program for Women?

what is the best weight loss program for women

What is the best weight loss program for women? We believe it to be the Cinderella Solution. This was developed by a woman exclusively for women, especially women over the age of 25.

Developed for women exclusively

Nature has designed the female body around three biological imperatives. Survival, finding a mate, and having babies. And there is no denying Nature.

This whole process is driven by the operation of certain key hormones within women: These are Insulin, Cortisol, and Estrogen, aka the ”ICE” hormones.

During puberty, these hormones work to make women attractive to men. And soon after,  these same hormones act to prepare our bodies for pregnancy. But, after that, things start to change and go downhill.

  • First, Insulin, which used to be our “skinny hormone,” starts to make it hard to lose weight and keep it off.
  • Then Cortisol, which is our “happiness hormone,” becomes our stress, anxiety, and depression hormone.
  • Finally, Estrogen, which used to be our “beauty hormone,” keeping us wrinkle-free, toned, and energized, loses this effect.

So we suffer from “ICE hormone dysfunction.” We put on weight and get stressed out.

Female hormones out of balance

what is the best weight loss program for womenSo, when the ICE hormones get out of balance, women get put out of balance too. And it’s no fun. In fact, it can be miserable.

Here is a really interesting article on How your metabolism changes in your 20s, 30s, and 40s. This piece lays out very well what happens to our bodies as we hit these years. And it advocates strength training to combat the process.

There is more in this vein here on obesity and hormones. And, here at Natural Health and Healing, we are particularly interested in the role of the Leptin hormone, which has an effect on weight loss that is not exclusive to women.

Restoring hormone balance

The Cinderella Solution is a women’s weight loss diet and exercise plan designed to restore the proper balance and operation of the ICE hormones. It works to fire up the female metabolism and renew its ability to burn fat at maximum levels and rebuild defenses against disease and illness.

Traditional diet and high-intensity workout programs only have a temporary effect. As soon as you stop them, the weight comes flooding back. And yo-yo dieting is the frustrating pits!

Check out this Helsinki study of twins and diet programs: Does dieting make you fat? This study concluded: Our results suggest that frequent IWLs (intentional weight loss episodes) reflect susceptibility to weight gain, rendering dieters prone to future weight gain. 

Cinderella Backstory

carly donovan before and afterCarly Donovan is a nutrition specialist and the creator of the Cinderella Solution. She named it after Cinderella because of the transformative effect it had on her own life.

Carly herself lost 84 pounds following this method. So she was totally motivated to come up with it! You can see her “before and  after” just above.

Carly studied the eating and exercise habits of the so-called “thin” countries like Japan, Australia, Spain, and Switzerland. People there eat fat and carbs, drink wine, don’t starve themselves, don’t go crazy in the gym, don’t put on weight, and live long lives.


shokuikuShe found that the key to weight loss in women is in food pairing.

In Japan this concept is found in the “Shoku-Iku” or Nutritional Architecture food education program. This was started around 2005, in part as a response to the adverse effect of the introduction of Western fast food into Japan.

Shoku-Iku includes a food pairing technique that helps people lose weight and then maintain a target weight without the vexing rebounds that you get with other diet programs.

That food pairings can help in weight loss is medically tested in the US too. Here is a great piece in WebMD illustrating actual food pairings.

That piece discusses the powerful effect of pairing certain foods in combinations that work together to help you ward off hunger and burn calories better in combination than they do on their own. So, in a way, without mentioning the Cinderella Solution by name, it’s pretty much an endorsement of the program.

It is this kind of authority, combined with the Shokuu-Iku modeling, that gives us confidence in stating that Cinderella Solution best answers the question: what is the best weight loss program for women? Our opinion is reinforced by what you will find below in the program details.

Cinderella Solution

cinderella solution programCarly Donovan organized the results of her research into the Cinderella Solution. This is a diet regimen that does not require starvation or the feeling of food deprivation.

Rather it works through “re-engineering” your diet through food pairing and with no calorie counting. The diet part of the program works over a 28-day period divided into two 14-day repeatable phases.

You supplement this diet program with light exercise. The exercises are 8 to 20-minute-long sequences of gentle movement designed for the female body. Workouts are home based with simple equipment. You need nothing more than your own body weight, a yoga mat, and light dumbbells.

Read on or go direct to the program by clicking here.

Keys to success

The nutritional guidelines are simple and do not require calorie counting. One of the key aspects of the program is the food pairing. The food pairing recommended is kind of mix and match. They have been tested and proven to burn fat naturally. And they are delicious too.

Another key to the success of the Cinderella Solution is that the diet part of the program provides a feeling of fullness and satisfaction that abolishes cravings.

This is an easy to follow program

The Cinderella Solution is great because it solves a problem.

The problem with most diet plans is that they are hard to follow, involve calorie counting, and include grueling workouts. And the other main problem is rebound weight. Once you have taken the weight off, it is all too easy to put it back on. And you are back to square one. We saw that in the Helsinki study mentioned above.

With the Cinderella Solution, women have an easy-to-follow, and easy to stick to, and guided method of losing weight and keeping it off with no weight rebounds.

Cinderella Solution program outline

The Cinderella Solution program is delivered to you online, digitally, and instantly.

When you use the Cinderella Solution program you will pair your own foods and achieve your own weight loss goals.

You will find yourself eating in such a way that you will achieve a feeling of satisfaction and satiety before you overeat and risk putting on weight.

You are on the diet part of the program for 28 days. This is broken down into two 14-day “ignite” and “Launch” phases. While you are in the “Ignite” phase of the program, you are on 3 meals per day. In the “Launch” phase you are on 4 meals per day. There are detailed and different meal plans for each day of each phase, with bonus recipes included. And if you are a vegan or vegetarian, there are meal plans for you too.

The program is designed in such a way that you can simply repeat it if you did not reach your weight goal the first time around.

There are detailed and different meal plans for each day of each phase, with bonus recipes included.

Exercise segment

The exercise part of the program is recommended but totally optional. And it consists of 8 to 20-minute sequences of gentle movements tailored to the female body.

floor mat and dumbbellsYou do not need a home gym or gym membership. A floor mat and light dumbbells are all you need.

The exercise routines are designed to stimulate the female metabolism by following certain sequences. The workouts are gentle. Nothing hardcore here. But if you persist with gentle exercises you can gradually progress into a fit body that will burn fat.

The exercises are fully explained in an online library of 60 video tutorials. You access these through links in the Cinderella Solution Movement Sequencing guide.

If you wish, you can download the exercise videos to your computer in mp4 format.

Food and Flavor Pairings

The food pairing plan is heavily influenced by the Japanese Shoku-Iku nutritional policy. This alone gives the program tremendous authority and credibility.

The great thing about food pairing is that it includes flavor pairing. But you are not just eating the right combination of foods. food pairingThey taste great too.

Not only do these pairings taste great, but they are also designed to make you feel full even as you lose weight.

The Cinderella Solution divides food pairing into four main categories: Prime Proteins, Power Carbs, Power Fats, and Angel Carbs.

Some of these food pairings are specifically designed to target and combat such female-specific fat problem areas of muffin top, back fat, and cottage cheese thighs.

They do this by restoring the female metabolism by working to reset insulin, cortisol, and estrogen hormones to their proper levels.

Summary of Cinderella Solution program contents

The Cinderella Solution gets updated from time to time. And you will get access to all the updates. But as of now, this is the breakdown:

  • Weight loss from the inside out. Where and how to get started.
  • Food coupling, weight loss rituals, nutrient timing, flavor pairing, movement sequencing.
  • Ignite and launch 2-phase approach. 1 – the ignite phase. 2 – the launch phase. Cycling the ignite and launch phases.
  • Macros and food pairing rituals. Royal fats, prime proteins, angel carbs, and power carbs.
  • Meal timing and frequency: Ignite phase 3 meals daily, launch phase 4 meals daily. When to eat.
  • D.I.Y. meal creator and flavor pairing. 3-step instruction guide, food pairing legends; portioning options, portions, and serving sizes.
  • Top 11 flavor pairs and weight loss combinations.
  • The  Cinderella Solution Main Manual contains 93 pages of info on female metabolism and hormonal functions. It covers the theory of the plan.
  • The Quick Start Guide includes all the necessary recipes.
  • The  Movement Sequencing Guide is a 30-page manual with links to exercises in the  Workout Video Library. This contains  60 video tutorials.
  • You get the Food Lovers Recipe Playbook and the Cinderella Solution Accelerator, which features case studies of successful students of the Cinderella program.

This whole program is methodical and leaves nothing to chance.

Not a new program

before and afterThe Cinderella Solution is not a new program. So there are now plenty of genuine testimonials from a happy customer base. The program also includes case studies of students of the program who have had success with the program.

And this is reassuring for anybody on the fence.

The bottom line is that there is every reason to believe that this program can work for you too.

Inexpensive and risk-free with a 60-day money-back guarantee

So What is the best weight loss program for women? We believe that hands down it is the Cinderella Solution. You can get it right away by clicking on the red link below.

Cinderella Solution

guaranteeYou can check out the Cinderella Solution online by clicking on the red link above. It is only $37 and comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

And we see that Carly has added some special bonuses too!

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